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Oklahoma State University

Welcome to ASCC lab

The overall research goal of the Laboratory for Advanced Sensing, Computation and Control (ASCC Lab) is to develop innovative algorithms, methodologies, theories as well as prototypes to enable intelligent and robust sensing, decision making and control in various applications.

We conduct fundamental research in the areas of mobile robotics, wearable computing, robot skill learning and intelligent transportation systems. State-of-the-art facilities include advanced motion capture systems, mobile robots, humanoid robots, wireless sensor networks, vision sensors, 2D/3D laser sensors, haptic devices, brain-computer interfacing sensors, embedded development tools, PCs, etc.

We would like to welcome any student who is interested in the above exciting areas and is willing to push the boundaries of these scientific areas, and the boundaries of his or her own potential.


Weihua Sheng, Ph.D,
Associate Professor and Director of ASCC Lab